Barriers III

Another HDR from long ago that I’m quite in love with….

It’s funny, the barriers I have had in the last week for completing this post…. Various illnesses, random health stuff (nothing serious), lack of sleep – and how those really affect my ability to tap into my creativity. And then I question myself again – are these really barriers or is it all in my mind? Hmm…..

Anyway, I’m back! And as you can probably tell, a regularly scheduled blog posting timeline doesn’t really seem to be happening for me right now. So rather than stressing, you’ll just see me when you see me!

My original intention was to examine one barrier and try to break past it. And I definitely did that. I have found myself bringing my camera around, considering how to do an HDR or a Pano shot and wondering where I could take them…. Either from a shooting or an editing perspective.

But then on a rainy, dreary, overcast day here in Crested Butte (rare – and we have had a LOT lately!), I brought my camera with me – I just love the low clouds, the muted colors. And found a few photo ops that really drew me in.

With one in particular, this bird right below, I realized I could play around in Photoshop and try a few things.

For me, this was about the process, not the end result. I like the end result, I don’t really love it. It doesn’t have a ton of meaning to me.

But I REALLY enjoyed the process if finding photos to layer, deciding on the overall feel of the image, looking at how it all came together.

And it’s funny! As I look at it more, I am seeing what I would do to change it up. It feels like a far longer process, this tweaking and changing, than I’ve done in the past.

And I really like that process!  Don’t be surprised if you find more of that from me in the future….

Playing around in Photoshop – layering 4 or 5 images together. (Including some open source images and two of mine.)

On another note, I ran across some more photos I took last year that I had wanted to merge. I was particularly happy with this one.

Near Irwin, Colorado

So where to from here? I’m not sure. There may be a Barriers IV post or maybe I’ll be on to something new…. Only next week (or the week after!) will tell!

Did you try anything new? What are your thoughts on the photos I’ve done? Are you breaking down any barriers?

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