Barriers – Part II

I’ve rewritten this a few times and nothing is flowing today. So I’ll let me first real HDR and Panoramic photos speak for themselves…. (Click for large versions


These are the three images I used for my first HDR
My first ever HDR that actually worked out! I’m pretty excited at how beautiful it is!
My second HDR. The tonal range is pretty astounding compared to the original! Sure, I know that many people have been doing them for a LONG time, but having it so much more accessible is wonderful – especially when the results are so gorgeous.
The lake on Slate River Road (I’m not sure of the name.)


3 Image panorama
Uncropped panorama. I’ve tried so many other apps that stitch, but you can see where the sky is put together from two different photos… and it’s a challenge to adjust that. I am thrilled with how this turned out!
Overlooking town (Took these 6 photos last fall, but finally tried to stitch together with a beautiful result!)

(sorry for the delay – I was sick for several days)

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