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orange poppy reflections in yellow dreaming tree

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Fall Family Photos – Crested Butte

With as busy as I’ve been, it’s taken me so long to get the images together for a video! These are some of the amazing families I got to photograph in Crested Butte this year. Rather than go on and on, I think just hitting PLAY will show you how much I’ve enjoyed this fall!

I hope you enjoy….

Fall Family Photos – Crested Butte

Fall Mini Shoot Locations Selected!

After searching for several hours both in Denver and in Crested Butte, I finally pinpointed two amazing locations…

First up, Crested Butte. I knew I wanted to find someplace that was different from the locations I’d used lately and I had several in mine over the top of Kebler Pass. Unfortunately, Kebler really isn’t in great condition right now. But that didn’t stop me – I found the perfect spot about 12.5 miles away. It’s easy to get to and, when you watch this little slide show, you’ll see that it’s got a nice little path in it that is easily overlooked. The path does have some logs across it at one point, but I just see that as another photo opportunity and not an obstacle!

I can’t wait to see what this looks like in a week – I suspect it’ll be gorgeous. I mean, even MORE gorgeous! (On a side note, I just went up there today – Thursday, the 22nd – and you can see there is almost no yellow when you see the first 3 images!)

Next up, Denver. Or rather, Morrison. This stunning location is just east of the little town of Morrison and easy to get to. Once there, you’ll have to pay a small $5 entrance fee that is totally worth it! The variety here is just amazing! There’s a small beach, some bamboo, a fun play structure, a little creek and lots and lots of fun climbing trees! Perfect to satisfy everyone, I think you’ll find this to be a perfect spot for photos. And in mid October? Stunning!


Need more information about the photoshoots coming up? Head to this post and contact me for more information! But please hurry – I’m almost completely full and only have a few spots left in CB, the first weekend in Denver is full and I only have 4 slots for the second Denver weekend (date hasn’t been finalized yet).

Fall Mini Shoot Locations Selected!

Happy Anniversary!

anniversary photography, crested butte

I love getting calls to do a new type of photoshoot. While not unheard of, I actually haven’t seen very many people do anniversary photos. And I just LOVE the idea and now wish I’d done that last year for my 10th.

But that’s exactly what Holly called me to do – a 10th anniversary shoot. They were so sweet – the love they felt was so apparent on their faces!

couple photography, crested butte
photography, crested butte
crested butte photography

Happy Anniversary, Holly and Nick!

Happy Anniversary!

PHOTO TIPS: What should we wear to the session?

adorable kids, photography, crested butte, colorado
The most important accessory to make sure you have? A smile! You know, those joyful ones that come from way down deep and show how much fun you’re having!

This is a question that I get asked time and time again! And while I did put together a little list, I thought maybe a better explanation of what works and what doesn’t might be in order!

I’ve been doing some thinking about this – and reevaluating what I’ve always told people.

I’ve always said white reflects too much and it’s hard to shoot, but I’ve had some clients look amazing in their white outfits. (Although white in the snow really doesn’t work for obvious reasons!)

Large logos can be distracting from the face, but sometimes it just suits the personality of the wearer and just seems to be the perfect choice!

Wearing matching clothes for some people feels too “put together”, and yet for others it’s  a reflection of who they are!

Trendy clothes can look dated quickly, but they also set those photos in time and help you remember how special they may have been….

Gosh, this probably isn’t helping you out at all!

So my advice? Find what works for you! If you don’t feel comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing, you won’t look as comfortable in your photos. If they are a style that’s radically different than you normally wear, maybe you need to find something that’s shows who you are.

Things that I think work really well:

  • Everyone in you group wearing clothes of the same tone and style (for example: all earthy colors and in more casual clothes) seems to make the photos more cohesive
  • Bright, colorful clothes really helps you stand out – and is especially adorable on kids
  • Clothes that suit the season work really well – short sleeve shirts in the snow looks a bit odd! And bringing along something warm on cool mornings/evenings is always a great idea!
  • Clothes that everyone feels comfortable wearing is probably the biggest key, though!

A few other suggestions I would make:

  • If your small child can be held up to walk even if they aren’t, putting shoes on them when we’re in the woods can be helpful!
  • If your child can crawl and you are comfortable with it, putting long pants or leggings on them allows them to sit on the ground and explore their world
  • Bringing accessories – scarves, hats, jackets, sweaters – can quickly and easily change a look
  • If you are doing a full session, feel free to bring as many changes of clothes as you’d like! Most locations are secluded enough that we can do the change on the spot. (I don’t recommend full clothing changes for Mini Shoots with the brief time we have.)

Are you still at a loss?

Maybe perusing my blog will help you out! Check out the photos that stand out to you as something you really love and find clothing that’s similar. While there are definitely a lot of guidelines out there, there are no hard and fast rules. Besides, this is YOUR photoshoot! So dress however you’d like….

bright colors
Bright colors can really help people stand out from the background!
photos in crested butte
Sometimes different fabric can really be fun. I love the gauzy feel of this dress! (But you have to take care with light coming from behind, obviously!)
joyful clothes, photography in crested butte
Wearing clothes that make you feel happy and joyful will come through in the photos!
accessory changes, photography in crested butte
The lovely Dawn DelVecchio brought accessories and more to her Full Session for different looks. By throwing on a new light jacket, a fun scarf or different jewelry, she was able to create many looks in a single session!
PHOTO TIPS: What should we wear to the session?

One big Aggie group

Glenda called me with just a few scant days to spare before they left town wondering if I could squeeze them in for a quick photoshoot. After rearranging and finding a sitter, I was thrilled to be able to tell her yes!

As a graduate from Texas A&M myself, it was so fun doing a photoshoot with a bunch of fellow Aggies. They are an awesome, sweet family with two adorable little twin girls – in the cutest little dresses! Their session was fun, relaxed and very sweet – especially watching how everyone doted on those precious little twins!

photos in crested butte with a big aggie family
sweet photo of mom and baby in crested butte
photo flying through the air with dad in crested butte
photo, sweet baby eyes in crested butte
fun with grandma in crested butte, photo
silly faces in crested butte, photo
loving grampa in crested butte, photo
happy couple in crested butte, photo
sweetness in the grass, crested butte, photo
joy in crested butte, photo
One big Aggie group

The smell of fall is in the air

fall photos in crested butte
Fall Photo Time!


And you know what that means –  photos in the gorgeous leave in Crested Butte and Denver!

Are you in Crested Butte? I’ll be doing photos anytime, but the peak times are generally during the last week or so in September… Last year, I got gorgeous photos from September 24th through the 30th – and often the leaves are still gorgeous before and after those times!

Are you in Denver? I’m looking at photos either the weekend of the 8th of October or the weekend of October 15th. Luckily, because Denver is a bit more temperate, I can wait a little longer to do photos there.

How much is a photography session in the great outdoors? A Mini Shoot just $275 for 25 minutes of photography. And when it’s all done, you’ll get a private gallery that contains between 20 and 30 images – all available for download a full resolution! That means you can use them on holiday cards, personal web sites, email them to family members, put them on FaceBook, etc! Not enough time? Just chat with me about other options. Need them for work? Discuss a slight increase in price and you’ll have images ready for your business.

You may be asking yourself – but where can a Mini Session be held in Crested Butte? Very good question! Right now, I am waiting to see where the leaves will be best – so if you can be patient, I’m going to scout out a gorgeous location over Kebler Pass. Sure, it’s a little bit of a drive, but I swear it’ll be worth it! And if you aren’t interested in the drive, the Woods Walk is always a beautiful location close to town.

Denverites, you’ll just have to wait a little while. This year it’s my goal to find a location that is diverse, gorgeous, treed and relatively easy to get to – even if it is a little ways from Denver. While I’ve been happy with the locations I’ve used in the past, I haven’t fallen in love with any of them….

So what are you waiting for? Book your session soon to take advantage of this sweet deal by sending me an email (andi@tippiepics.com) or giving me a buzz at 303.881.9298 and I’ll get you on the schedule and send you a link to pay online!

Fall Family Photos, Crested Butte
Sweetness in Crested Butte
The smell of fall is in the air