About Andi

Growing up with parents who shot and printed their own black and white photos, Andi was inspired to photography at a very young age. Winning contests in high school, receiving accolades from her college professor and studying in Italy for a semester only served to fuel her interest.

But it wasn’t until the birth of her first daughter and the purchase of her first digital SLR that her obsession with portraiture truly developed. Today, Andi is inspired to her eclectic and fun style by the amazing Crested Butte surroundings and the gorgeous quality of light in this high mountain town.

Want to see her? Click here!

The Main Website

Currently, this WordPress blog is in testing. If you’d like to see more about Andi and her photography, please check out www.tippiepics.com and www.tippiepics.com/blog

Her Philosophy

Believing that each moment is fleeting, she strives to capture it as it is so that it can be cherished for a lifetime.


Andi Tippie

3 thoughts on “About Andi

  1. i am so freakin’ excited for you that i just want to pick up the phone and call you!!!!
    a new camera too! wow! you are set!

    have fun!!!

  2. Hey “Marshmello”,

    🙂 I enjoyed your blog/pics of your trip to the enauguration.

    I love looking at your pics. They capture so much…but I do believe that part of the photographer’s (that would be you)spirit is reflected in every shot.

    I enjoyed meeting you had fun “talking story” as they say in Hawaii.


  3. I know how to spell I just forget sometimes. “I” instead of “e” in inauguration. sorry I had to correct myself.

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