Maximizing Your Mini Shoot

When you choose to do a Mini Shoot with TippiePics, 30 minutes may not seem like very much time. Especially if you have a rambunctious toddler – or 3 – running around… But it really is plenty of time for family photos as well as photos of each of your cuties.

And even if you don’t have toddlers, but rather you’re trying to get your teen – or even your husband – to play along, that 30 minutes can feel a little daunting.

So I thought I’d put together a few tips to help your Mini Shoot not only go smoothly, but feel like the perfect amount of time when you’re done. And if you’re really clever (see the extra tips below!), it can even feel like you had a fully photo shoot with the variety of photos you have when your shoot uploaded to your gallery!

Basic Tips

Let’s start out with the basics. By following these basic tips, you’ll ensure that your shoot goes that much more smoothly!

  • Choose the perfect time – If you have a toddler, this can be especially important. Some kiddos are at their happiest right at 4:30, while others are just about starving for an early meal. My girls were super happy later in the day – around 7pm. They
    Blog - maximize mini shoot3
    If you’re lucky, the last shoot of the day can look like this!

    loved the idea of running around and having fun! By choosing the perfect time, you can ensure their focus and attention… as much as is possible with your toddler!

  • Morning times? Just a quick note that if you’re choosing to use a morning slot, earlier is better for great light! I don’t always offer them, but when I do, I suggest you consider the first slot!
  • Another note about time – Just be aware that the later in the day you schedule, typically the better the light is! If you aren’t constrained by timing, I would highly recommend a photo shoot as late in the day as possible!

    Blog - maximize mini shoot2-3
    Could she be upset because she’s hungry or thirsty? Hmmmm….
  • Fill that belly! – This goes for teens, toddlers and anyone else who gets cranky without food. Feel free to bring a quick snack, just be aware that with a Mini Shoot, there isn’t much time to stop and feed…
  • But not with sugar! – Some parents love to bribe their kids with a sweet treat at the end of the shoot – and I say go for it if it works for you! But feeding them sugar before or during the shoot can cause them to crash before the shoot ends… Best to save it for afterward!
  • Water, water, water  – Drinking some water and have a water bottle handy even if there aren’t any children at the shoot is often helpful.
  • Warm or cool clothing – As you know, CB can be pretty variable… I always suggest bringing a light – or heavy! – sweater or sweatshirt with you for the shoot. And if it’s winter, always have some mittens and a hat ready! (Besides, you never know if a snowball fight will break out! Even if your “kids” aren’t really kids anymore!) [PHOTO OF SNOWBALL FIGHT] Layers are and effective answer to the hot/cold issue!
  • Bug spray/sunscreen – Bug spray in the summer and sunscreen all year ’round is a wonderful idea. The bugs are pretty ferocious during the summer and can make getting photos a challenge. (As a matter of fact, I Photoshop them out on a regular basis!)  Being all ready to go before the shoot starts is very helpful! (I always have bug spray with me, though. They LOVE me!)

Bonus Tips

So often, we want to have a variety of different photos from either different locations each with a different feel or we want to play around with what we’re wearing… And as impossible as it may sound, a Mini Shoot can accommodate this! Just follow some of these fun tips:

  • Let me know! If you don’t let me know, I can’t make sure that I help you out… So by letting me know what you’re looking for, I can easily help you choose the spot or suggest clothing ideas!

    Blog - maximize mini shoot-1
    The lovely Dawn with a quick change shawl!
  • Hats & scarves – A simple change like a hat or scarf can easily change the way your photos look. And since it’s quick, you won’t have to waste time putting it on!
  • Sweaters & sweatshirts – Once again, a quick and easy change. It can even happen between photos really quickly. Feel free to bring a sweater and a sweatshirt, even!
  • Blog - maximize mini shoot-2The adorable Sadie showing a quick change done right!Hair – Okay, this is more for the ladies… But you can always do some small things to change up your hair to have a completely different feel! Go from a bun to a ponytail to your hair down quickly!
  • Location, location, location – One of the reasons that Woods Walk in Crested Butte is one of my favorite places to do photos isn’t actually the proximity to my house… It’s because the variety there is so wonderful! There are trees, view, rocks, trails, flowers, etc. But did you know I have a few other spots in my pock
    Blog - maximize mini shoot2-2
    Dogs and other pets are so fun to include!

    et that can afford nice changes in view quite easily with a very short walk? Just ask if you’re looking for something specific and I’ll figure it out for you!

  • More location stuff! For those of you in Denver, I’m always switching up the location of my Mini Shoots each year! The biggest thing I consider: variety! If you have any suggestions or ideas for your Fall Mini Shoots, let me know!
  • Bring your pet! – For a small fee, you can even include your favorite pet!Pleasenote that I don’t recommend more than two pets unless they are perfectly trained…



There you have it in a nutshell! A few quick and easy tips to make your photo shoot the biggest success possible!

Have any additional questions? Just shoot me an email!

Ready to book your session? If you’re in Crested Butte, you can book here! And if you’re in Denver, I only have times available during the fall currently… But you can see what’s available here!


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