Caution: Falling Ice

As I’ve been updating my site, one thing came to mind: I have so many backstories on so many of my photos and yet none of them have been shared!

So I thought I’d take the time to do that for some of my favorite images…. If there’s an image you’re interested in learning more about, let me know which one!

First up, I have Caution: Falling Ice…. And for those of you that have been to CB in the winter – or live here year round – know that this is no joke! The roof above here is quite steep and likes to hold onto the snow and ice – until it doesn’t anymore. And when that happens, watch out!

As I saw in my gallery, when I first moved here, this building fascinated me. The color, the textures, the windows and most of all, the old, hand made signs. It transported me back to many hears before when I could imaging the slow, lazy, dirt streets of Crested Butte turning into a muddy mess in the spring. A time when clearing out the snow and making a path must have been infinitely harder. A time when the only option was to hand letter signs and hope no one got crushed under the weight of the snow and ice – and that no cars ended up with long term damage.

Caution: Falling Ice
Caution: Falling Ice (Click the image to see it in my gallery.)

Although this building is still the same color and much of the charm is still there, this sign has since been replaced – as have most of the broken windows… It still holds a special place in my heart!

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