I don’t do weddings…..

Unless I adore the bride. And her family. And her fiancé. And I’m begged just a little bit. And the photography lasts less than 4 hours. And the wedding is small…. Okay, so I have a a lot of caveats. And those are just a few.

When Celene asked me to be her wedding photographer, I was pretty reluctant. While I’ve always loved all the brides, grooms and their families (and I already knew I adored Celene and her family), I typically don’t love the length of time a wedding takes.

But as she told me what she was looking for, I slowly warmed to the idea.

And I can’t tell you just how grateful I am that I chose to do it! I fell in love with her fiancé (now husband) just a little bit – what a wonderful man… And it’s so obvious how much they love each other. (Just scroll down to see just how sweet they are together!)

Roy and Celene, thank you SO much for inviting me to be a part of your special day and making me feel so welcome. It was truly an exceptional experience…

And here is where I overwhelm everyone with too many photos…. it was too amazing not to share all these!

Look very closely at the next picture – or click to make it bigger. Roy and Celene put their fingerprints onto each others wedding rings. How amazing is that? (And Celene’s father made the ring box especially for their beautiful rings…)

Celene’s mother also made that beautiful urn for the water portion of their ceremony. Beautiful!

I feel I should explain the next photo…. I’m taking photos of Roy’s wonderful family when I hear a commotion behind me.

“She has a snake!”

And that’s when I knew my daughter had found one of her beloved animals… Yes, Ellie found a beautiful bull snake and everyone was fascinated by it! Not the least of all Celene. I just love this shot and how wonderful she was about it! And it turns out that finding a snake at your wedding is a good omen…

After the rehearsal dinner, I was driving to my hotel and saw this tree below… I was immediately enamored and texted a photo to Celene to see if she and Roy would consider a photo here. When I talked to her the next day, it turns out that she’d been photographing (yes, she’s an amazing photographer) this tree for many, many years… When I heard that, I literally got the chills. And when the timing the next day was this perfect, I was almost speechless when I saw the shot on the back of my camera. One of my favorite photos ever….

Celene and Roy, thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your day. It really was one of the most beautiful and magical weddings I’ve ever attended.

Thank you.

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