Caroline, Catherine, Shelley and Jason

I swear I didn’t hire these girls…. But you might think so with just how adorable they are! Carson and her sister Caroline were just as sweet and fun as it looks in these photos. And it was obviously because of their incredibly kind, fun parents.

Practically inseparable and so much fun to work with, I’m so glad I got the time to photograph them…

I’m going to just let this family enchant you with their sweetness! Aren’t they the wonderful?

And finally, as many kiddos, these girls wanted to get their silly faces recorded for history. I tell you, they were professional funny face makers! So much fun! (And they held each funny face for a record 3-4 shots – so what you’re seeing is the best of several photos that were all almost identical! I loved it…)

Admit it… they stole your heart didn’t they?

Jason and Shelley, thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer! Needless to say, I had a fabulous time with you and your girls!

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