Artisan Rug Gallery

Yup! More architectural style photos! And these were such fun to do. I got a call from Tiffany at Artisan Rug Gallery here in Crested Butte that she has an amazing rug that needed to be photographed before they shipped it off – in less than a week!

After coordinating with a friend who bought the old home next door, I found the perfect location for the photos – and Tiffany let me run with it…. Gratefully, she was quite happy with the more artistic photos that I took. And we’ve done a few other shoots since!

For now, though, here are the photos of that amazing rug… It’s made from the silk from old saris. And the most incredible thing about it – it changes color depending on the direction you look at it! Or maybe it’s just how incredibly soft and luscious it is? Or maybe it’s just that it’s an incredible rug all the way around…..

Do you have a favorite coloration¬†of the rug? Isn’t it just spectacular?!

Thanks again, Tiffany and Jeff, for allowing me to work with you!

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