I know it’s been a bit since I’ve updated on my self assigned projects – I sort of gained a bit of momentum with several of the previous posts… I had a gallery opening (WOOHOO!) and I’ve been setting my contact management software up. And I’ve been busy booking clients and keeping out of trouble. Mostly!

Which means that I haven’t been exploring my creativity (except when I’ve been doing photo shoots for others). Which is actually fine – taking a breather, finding some space and being able to look at the photos I currently have while finding new things to do with them has been a bit of a refreshing change for me. My way has been to take a photo, edit it and forget about it in the past. And that’s not really what I want for the future. Definitely see changes down the road….

As I get back to editing my client’s work, I’ll leave you with the photos that were part of my show! I hope you enjoy…. (And you can see the work displayed on Mt Crested Butte at the Alpenglow Gallery in The Lodge at Mountaineer Square through December.)

Evening Glow II


Reflection in Green

One last note to add… I feel like just keeping myself moving forward – even when it feels awkward, amateurish and fake – has been incredibly helpful! It’s forcing me to not only make the time for photography, but keeping a space in my head open just a little bit more. I’m finding inspiration in the oddest places – a show about chefs, the gorgeous, cutting, almost blinding colors of our beautiful valley, the chance thought someone has shard. And I really love that I can apply it to my photography in a brand new way – even if it’s only in my head right now!

Small steps have really helped keep me moving – something I’ve struggled with in the past. It’s pretty exciting to figure this out about myself!

Have you learned anything new about yourself lately? Are you finding new ways to look at things? Gained any momentum?

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