finding inspiration

free fall photo
free fall

Sometimes we may feel at a loss about what photos to take – outside your everyday snapshots. We may be stuck by fear, indecision, frustration, boredom…. or about a million other things. Taking professional photos sparks my interest and keeps me engaged. But I’m currently finding that in my quasi-professional and my personal life, my photography has fallen into a bit of a rut – a bit of a free fall that feels like being unable to move in any self chosen direction.

For me, this is a frustration because I’m interested in shifting where my photography is headed and how I approach it with clients. But it’s hard to make a shift when the inspiration is so elusive….

As I was considering this (and desperately looking for the Inspiration Fairy to pop in front of me, wave her wand and fix this “problem”), it occurred to me that this is one subject I don’t believe I’ve looked into or seen before – finding inspiration for changing HOW you look at taking photographs, for finding new ways to express yourself in a completely different way. Either from a professional or a casual user standpoint. Suggestions might be made about topics, but not about the underlying issues…

Now, I could just hide behind my blog, website and camera and show you work that keeps you thinking I have it all together… I could lead you through some exercises… Or! I could take you with me on this journey I’m on… share with you how I’m pushing myself and maybe… just maybe… what I’m doing will spark something within you to see photography in a new way!

Over the next few weeks (I’m going to aim for Thursdays), I’ll share with you some of the assignments I”ll be giving myself, questions (some of them hard!) I’ll be asking myself and looking at new topics that I’ve never really explored before. Who knows where this will lead – I truly have no idea….

I invite you to join me! You can share your thoughts, photos, questions here or on Facebook and maybe we can get a dialog going that will inspire us to move beyond our comfort zone into something new!

Speaking of which! How will I go about this? I had considered doing the assignment or project or task and then posting about it. But I think, instead, I’ll post a the assignment with a  few photos and discuss the thought process behind it. Then I’ll have a second post with the images I took and share what I experienced with this process. (I’m going to aim for Mondays.)

And I’d love to hear your thoughts along the way, too. I want this to be fluid, to morph as it needs to into whatever… I have no set thoughts. Along the way, I encourage you to share your thoughts on the following questions: Do you have more considerations to add to the mix? Did you do the assignment, too? Can you post photos you took or share the experience you had?

So… How much experience do you need? Ideally, you’ll need a camera. And hopefully you’ll know how to press your shutter button. For now, that’s all you need! I don’t care if you’re just getting started or you’ve been a photographer for a long, long time….

Oh! And a sense of adventure!

Ooooh! Now I’m getting excited!!

See you soon….

dizzy photo dizzy (preview of my first topic)

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