Fall Mini Shoot Locations Selected!

After searching for several hours both in Denver and in Crested Butte, I finally pinpointed two amazing locations…

First up, Crested Butte. I knew I wanted to find someplace that was different from the locations I’d used lately and I had several in mine over the top of Kebler Pass. Unfortunately, Kebler really isn’t in great condition right now. But that didn’t stop me – I found the perfect spot about 12.5 miles away. It’s easy to get to and, when you watch this little slide show, you’ll see that it’s got a nice little path in it that is easily overlooked. The path does have some logs across it at one point, but I just see that as another photo opportunity and not an obstacle!

I can’t wait to see what this looks like in a week – I suspect it’ll be gorgeous. I mean, even MORE gorgeous! (On a side note, I just went up there today – Thursday, the 22nd – and you can see there is almost no yellow when you see the first 3 images!)

Next up, Denver. Or rather, Morrison. This stunning location is just east of the little town of Morrison and easy to get to. Once there, you’ll have to pay a small $5 entrance fee that is totally worth it! The variety here is just amazing! There’s a small beach, some bamboo, a fun play structure, a little creek and lots and lots of fun climbing trees! Perfect to satisfy everyone, I think you’ll find this to be a perfect spot for photos. And in mid October? Stunning!


Need more information about the photoshoots coming up? Head to this post and contact me for more information! But please hurry – I’m almost completely full and only have a few spots left in CB, the first weekend in Denver is full and I only have 4 slots for the second Denver weekend (date hasn’t been finalized yet).

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