PHOTO TIPS: What should we wear to the session?

adorable kids, photography, crested butte, colorado
The most important accessory to make sure you have? A smile! You know, those joyful ones that come from way down deep and show how much fun you’re having!

This is a question that I get asked time and time again! And while I did put together a little list, I thought maybe a better explanation of what works and what doesn’t might be in order!

I’ve been doing some thinking about this – and reevaluating what I’ve always told people.

I’ve always said white reflects too much and it’s hard to shoot, but I’ve had some clients look amazing in their white outfits. (Although white in the snow really doesn’t work for obvious reasons!)

Large logos can be distracting from the face, but sometimes it just suits the personality of the wearer and just seems to be the perfect choice!

Wearing matching clothes for some people feels too “put together”, and yet for others it’s  a reflection of who they are!

Trendy clothes can look dated quickly, but they also set those photos in time and help you remember how special they may have been….

Gosh, this probably isn’t helping you out at all!

So my advice? Find what works for you! If you don’t feel comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing, you won’t look as comfortable in your photos. If they are a style that’s radically different than you normally wear, maybe you need to find something that’s shows who you are.

Things that I think work really well:

  • Everyone in you group wearing clothes of the same tone and style (for example: all earthy colors and in more casual clothes) seems to make the photos more cohesive
  • Bright, colorful clothes really helps you stand out – and is especially adorable on kids
  • Clothes that suit the season work really well – short sleeve shirts in the snow looks a bit odd! And bringing along something warm on cool mornings/evenings is always a great idea!
  • Clothes that everyone feels comfortable wearing is probably the biggest key, though!

A few other suggestions I would make:

  • If your small child can be held up to walk even if they aren’t, putting shoes on them when we’re in the woods can be helpful!
  • If your child can crawl and you are comfortable with it, putting long pants or leggings on them allows them to sit on the ground and explore their world
  • Bringing accessories – scarves, hats, jackets, sweaters – can quickly and easily change a look
  • If you are doing a full session, feel free to bring as many changes of clothes as you’d like! Most locations are secluded enough that we can do the change on the spot. (I don’t recommend full clothing changes for Mini Shoots with the brief time we have.)

Are you still at a loss?

Maybe perusing my blog will help you out! Check out the photos that stand out to you as something you really love and find clothing that’s similar. While there are definitely a lot of guidelines out there, there are no hard and fast rules. Besides, this is YOUR photoshoot! So dress however you’d like….

bright colors
Bright colors can really help people stand out from the background!
photos in crested butte
Sometimes different fabric can really be fun. I love the gauzy feel of this dress! (But you have to take care with light coming from behind, obviously!)
joyful clothes, photography in crested butte
Wearing clothes that make you feel happy and joyful will come through in the photos!
accessory changes, photography in crested butte
The lovely Dawn DelVecchio brought accessories and more to her Full Session for different looks. By throwing on a new light jacket, a fun scarf or different jewelry, she was able to create many looks in a single session!

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