Launching Rockets with Gravity Groms

What, you ask, is Gravity Groms? Only the coolest came in CB! They go mountain biking, hiking, skate boarding – and rocket launching! (Okay, I know I’m leaving out about 10 other things they do – like teaching safety and confidence.) My daughter, Ellie, did it last year and it was the only thing my two girls wanted to do this summer. They are having a blast and it’s been so fun watching their confidence in their abilities soar…..

Back to the rocket launching! I had a little time before my twin newborn shoot to run over to Town Park to witness and shoot some photos while they launched a small rocket – and then the Green Machine. So super cool! It was awesome watching their faces as the rockets zoomed into the air!

But why am I writing about it? Here are too many photos!

gettin' there
Groms on their way to the launch site
setting up
Setting up the Mean Machine
safety check
Safety check - is everyone safe? NO! Get out of the firing zone!
10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2...
Chute deployed....
and a safe retrieval!
mean machine
Waiting to be launched
Fixing a minor malfunction before liftoff
BLASTOFF! (Just look at those faces!!)
It's a parachute!
The littlest grom recovering the biggest rocket!

Stay tuned! I hope to have Gravity Groms photos in the coming weeks! Crossing my fingers for some sick tricks and awesome shots.

One thought on “Launching Rockets with Gravity Groms

  1. What a wonderful summer experience! The girls look like they are having a great time.

    Fun fotos!!!!

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