Buggy is one of the most important things in Ellie’s world. Although he went missing for more than 6 months, he finally showed back up. I love how happy he makes Ellie. Or she. Gender seems to change from time to time!

But the thing that I was impressed with was that while Buggy was gone, she was fine with it. She accepted that it was okay. But when Buggy returned, she adored him just as much as before. It’s amazing how much this little stuffed creature can comfort her.

2 thoughts on “Comfort

  1. What a breathtaking photo. It’s so funny how inanimate objects can adopt a kind of grace. I saw Toy Story last night, the most recent one and this reminded me of that in a way. Not the super commercialism of it of course, but the way things that aren’t real can kind of have a personality. The way Buggy is all snuggled up like that on the chair. It’s incredibly sweet you know?

  2. Thank you so much! Buggy is so special to my daughter that it’s fun to have shots of him… Seeing him tossed there on the chair was very poignant to me. (And thanks for sneaking a peek at my site. I absolutely adore yours!)

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