Things I Love – II

Things I Love - II
Things I Love - II

Here in CB, there is a lady who will paint rocks turquoise (very bright, not as shown in my photo) and she leaves them around town. I first noticed it 2 or 3 years ago. My girls would run laughing over to one when they saw it and they’d move it to a new location to “hide” it, talking excitedly about it the entire time.

This past summer, she started writing words on them in pencil. And invariably, the one you’d find meant something to you. Ellie got draw – she’s my little artist. Sammie got dance – and guess what she loves to do. A guest of ours got yawn – they were on vacation and trying to catch up on sleep. But even if the word didn’t speak to you, it still made you smile.

Or at least they do me. I love how they move the energy around town, how these little turquoise rocks create so much buzz and excitement in such a small – and big way.

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