Emotions have been on my mind as of late. Mainly because I had that sickening feeling of fear, that feeling that something “bad” was going to happen. Have you had that? And when you look around – as I did – there was NOTHING to trigger that fear? Nothing at all. And yet there’s that feeling of impending doom.

Which got me to thinking about it. How often is our fear truly justified? How often is it really something on the outside of is? Or is it mostly just some old memory that is triggered when we see what is in front of us and because that past thing happened (to us or others) and the outcome was bad, we allow our fear to get the best of us. That’s not to say that the fear isn’t real or felt down to our roots, but rather that if we were to somehow be able to face that fear, allow those emotions to take them over, but still go through with whatever it is, would see see a small piece of that fear lose it’s hold on us? Next time we’re faced with the same situation, would we find that our fear is lessened, lost its hold a bit because we confronted it and let it go?

And how much better off would we be if we faced our emotions head on, allow them to truly take us over and let them go. Rather than stuffing them way down deep inside, as too often we do. Because those stuffed down emotions, they don’t go away. They don’t disappear – even if we’ve forgotten them. They have this way of taking over and making themselves heard at the oddest of times.

Try, for today, to just let your emotions out. Without hurting others, of course. But see if letting them out, letting yourself truly feel them, makes you view things around you differently.

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