I’d always laughed at those who say to find gratitude in everything – even the bad situations. My gosh, when this bad thing is happening (even if it’s minor), how can I find anything to be grateful in it?

But now that I’m starting to do this, I find that fewer situations are actually truly bad. My favorite camera and lens are off getting fixed. But I have a wonderful camera and many other lenses to choose from. My car is broken and basically undriveable. But we have another car as a backup. Finding gratitude in these helps keep perspective.

Recently I went skate skiing and had the “opportunity” to put this to the test. My skis hadn’t been waxed properly in a while and they wouldn’t glide. After walking a while and getting chilly, I put on my skis only to have zero glide. I was SO ready to get out and ski and I couldn’t. And I descended into some pretty strong anger. (You don’t want to hear the words I was saying!) Furious, I pulled off my skis and started walking home, fuming the entire way. This was the second time this had happened and that started to fuel my anger even more. (I’d waxed between them, though.)

Then I took a deep breath and looked around me. It was a GORGEOUS day, I had some great skis and I have a wonderful life. I did find myself slipping back into anger once or twice, but just looking around and finding gratitude in everything around me really made me shift out of it. By the time I got home, I was laughing at the situation instead of fuming for hours like I did the previous time.

Now this is an easy situation to look at and find the positive. I challenge you to look at a difficult situation you’re in right now and find something to be grateful. And share, if you dare.

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