Reed and Sarah

Reed and Sarah chatting away after hiking into Woods Walk.

Reed is one of the many amazing teachers at Little Red Schoolhouse and we (my whole family!) adore her! One day while dropping of my daughter, she asked if she and her sister could set up a shoot as a gift for their mom… and of course I jumped at the chance! She’s just so much fun so I assumed her sister would be just as wonderful – and I was right. And Sarah was not only a blast, she was a complete trooper! She had sprained her ankle quite badly, but still insisted on hiking in. Wow!

We headed to Woods Walk for a fun, casual shoot and they were so much fun. They definitely made my job easy.

Reed and Sarah
They laughed so much! I just hope my girls are half as close as these two - it was so awesome seeing sisters care so much for each other.
I love this shot of Reed. Those eyes!
Wait a minute. Who's leaning on who? Isn't Sarah the one with the brace on?
Sarah's smile was so beautiful and infectious!
The long hike back

Thanks again for asking me to shoot you two! I had such a wonderful time….

2 thoughts on “Reed and Sarah

  1. Once again a fabulous job, Andi!! I love Reed and you did such a great capturing just who she is!! xo

  2. What a treat to look at these photos and see our daughters together in Crested Butte. Thanks so much for the wonderful job you did!! We love the photos they gave us as Christmas gifts.
    Stacey Holden

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