Another Mini-shoot in Denver

I just love how happy this family is!!

When I found out that I’d have to drive to Denver to bring my beautiful iMac there to get fixed, I thought I’d try to see if my friend, Teresa, wanted to schedule a Mini-shoot. (She was out of town for the first one.) And to my great pleasure, she did!

She I met her and her gorgeous men (all 3 of them) at Washington Park for a quick shoot. And while I was chatting with them, I was very bummed that it was just a quick shoot and not spending the day together. I miss them!

Anyway, her two little ones, Evan and Aidan, are such wonderful boys! And her big boy, Gerrit, is just a wonderful person! Thanks so much for doing this shoot with me….

Aidan running
Shhh, don't tell anyone we broke into the pavilion and let the kids run around!
Evan standing
Handsome Evan and his family
Aidan sliding
Aidan sliding down the pole
Goofball Evan
Can you believe what goofiness I had to put up with?
The goofiness was rampant spreading quicky from boy to boy!
running with geese
In an attempt to remove some of the goofiness, I made the boys run!
evan goof
It didn't really work. But I have to admit, I laughed the entire time I edited these photos!
handsome aidan
What a handsome man!
Gerrit's tree fetish was a little odd... But Teresa didn't seem to mind.
thumbs up
Thumbs up from Aidan for a great shoot!

4 thoughts on “Another Mini-shoot in Denver

  1. Awesome Andie — thanks so much for sharing! I can’t wait to see the whole enchilada!! Have a happy Thanksgiving! GW

  2. I love that you captured all of our goofy natures. We wouldn’t want it any other way. These are just wonderful!!

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