Denver Mini-shoots

Geoff and Colette
My wonderful brother, Geoff, and his lovely wife, Colette

Denver was a BLAST! The lighting was wonderful and aside from it being briefly chilly, the weather was wonderful! (Although 3 minutes after the last shoot, the wind whipped up so strong it shook my car! Perfect timing!)

I had 5 clients sign up and it was wonderful to see each of them again… I’ve had the pleasure of photographing each of them before.

First up was Evelyn and her crew. I just adore this family! They are a blast to hang out with and the boys are definitely boys, but still so good and fun.


The Bakers
Evelyn and her good looking guys
Kai poking at the leaves
Kai poking at the leaves
Colin monkeying around
Can you say "cheese-tastic"?


Next up was Julie… I’ve been doing shoots with Julie since before I was professional! It’s always a blast to see just how much her adorable boys have grown. They are such sweet, fun little kiddos!

Julie, Mark, Matt and Zach
Julie and her good looking crew
Matt was hilarious! Every time he saw the camera, he'd smile for me!
Zach is definitely the trouble maker! He loves taking risks and giving me some good shots!

Julie and Matt
Julie is so photogenic - it's obvious that's where Matt gets it!


Just a few years ago, I shot Cory and Adriane’s wedding and had a wonderful time. Seeing them with little Kaden was an absolute joy! He’s so precious….

The Bennetts
Dorable Kaden being loved by mom and dad
Kaden and the leaves
He was quite fascinated by the leaves!!
Kaden on the swing
I just love his big brown eyes and pudgy little fingers!!

After my lunch break, it was back to the park to meet up with Dixie and her family along with her mother and niece and nephew. It was so much fun seeing everyone again – I just love their energy and their smiles just light everything up!

Dixie and family
Aren't all those blue eyes to die for?
Little Ben was just a crack-up! With those blue eyes and blonde hair- what a cutie!
Henry laughing
Henry's laugh just killed me! Loved the sound...
Trying to get 4 young grandkids to cooperate and do the same thing was impossible! But still adorable...

Finally, it was Geoff and Colette. This was my first chance to do a professional shoot with one of my family members and it was an absolute blast. Geoff and Colette totally kill me. Even though she was feeling under the weather and had a bum knee, she was still willing to climb into a tree and do all kinds of quirky poses. They were so incredibly photogenic! Thanks so much for asking me to do this, guys.

Geoff and Colette
This pretty much sums up my joy at photographing them!


My thanks for all of you for coming out! I had a wonderful time and it was awesome seeing all of you!

8 thoughts on “Denver Mini-shoots

  1. I love all of your pictures. So candid and fun. That is just what I like. I am Colette’s Mom and of course I think she is beautiful, and my wonderful son in law Geoffrey (I love his name) is so handsome and as much fun as Colette. They have a blast together. I couldn’t have picked a better husband for her. Thanks for sharing your photo’s with me. Live, Love, and Laugh. Brenda

  2. Those are good pics, sis. Sooner or later C and I will recruit you, too.

    I had no idea Geoff was that good looking.

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