Gorgeous trees

The property here is just gorgeous! I got out to shoot a few photos while Ginger was getting her stuff together. It’s an overcast, humid, chilly day. And apparently it’s spitting snow in DC. Today will be a good test to make sure we’ll be warm enough for tomorrow.

The tentative plans are to head to DC, drop off our stuff, eat lunch, scope everything out and then get all dolled up for the Ball!

Time to finish packing!

2 thoughts on “Gorgeous trees

  1. You are beautiful, talented, clever and we thank you for sharing your fun unique look at the event with the world! You inspire the rest of us.

    Chris is awesome to see these qualities in you and help you to grow and develop even more. I can just see his chest swelling with pride!

    For those of us who are not able to attend and have to suffer with a HD TV, warmth, food, comfy couch, an adult drink and our puppies, we appreciate your blog and hope you continue to enjoy every minute of your adventure!

    We all raise a glass to you and Ginger!


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