Time to pack!

I’ve got my boarding passes printed, some maps, too. And I think I know everything I’m bringing. I still have several things I need to get ready (like my laptop and my camera, etc.), but I’m getting ready!

My flight leaves tomorrow morning at 7:50 from Gunni and then it’s off to Denver and BWI! Long day, but I’m SO looking forward to everything! I’m sure Ginger and I will be planning out the rest of the week tomorrow night – I know that a few things are already changing. But whatever happens happens!

This historic moment is just getting closer and closer. YAY!

(Look for further updates from my iPhone. I’ll post from my laptop if possible, but I’m not really expecting to find the time.)

2 thoughts on “Time to pack!

  1. Hope you have a fabulous trip!! I am green with envy!! I will keep on your site to find out how everything goes!Thanks for giving those the opportunity to be there too!
    You are the best and enjoy those red shoes! LOVE THEM!
    Kelley, your friend from Austin, TX

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