Erin to the rescue

Zipping up
Zipping up

As mentioned, I really am clueless. I had picked out a jade green dress with the shoes with the buckles and Erin set me straight! We went through all 3 dresses, all the shoes and we decided that the red dress was best! This is actually really cool since I feel as though it reflects Crested Butte and its fight against the Red Lady Mine….

After Erin left, I headed to my computer to check email before doing the rest of my running around and found this wonderful note. It put tears in my eyes.

I am very lucky to have Erin as a friend. Thank you.
I am very lucky to have Erin as a friend. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Erin to the rescue

  1. Sorry, E, I took one and it wasn’t any good. You’ll have to wait until the Ball! BTW – Chris LOVED it…. Does that help? LOL!

  2. Andi,
    The very first ball I attended was at the Lincoln Ctr..combined with Calif and was crushville…I never saw so many beaded gowns in one room…I got caught between 2 women, each going the other directions and was lucky to come out with skin on my arms…riding the Metro in a long ball gown was interesting…still brings back good memories,,,,can’t wait for your pics…stay warm

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