Logistics and planning

I’ve had several people ask me what the plans are… when I leave, how long I’ll be there, all that jazz. So I thought I’d share it here! (As a side note, I’m hoping to be uploading photos and posts from my iPhone during the entire trip.)

  • Fly to Denver and then BWI on Sunday – Ginger will be picking me up
  • Head to DC (if possible!) that night to see (or at least her) the official concert being put held
  • We’ll head to Annapolis to sleep and prepare and plan
  • Over to DC on Monday morning to scope things out with Ginger, make additional plans
  • Late afternoon we’ll change at a friend of Ginger’s place before the Colorado Inaugural Ball
  • Go to the Ball (!)
  • Back to Ginger’s friend’s place to sleep on the floor (LOL!)
  • Wake up EARLY – the parade route will be opened up for people at 6 or 7am (I’ve read both) and it’s not until closer to 2pm! They are expecting 1-4 million people (depends on what you read – I’m guessing the higher number!) and will only let 350,000 into the parade route. But there is no way to get from the inauguration TO the parade route to see both so Ginger and I will make those decisions before we had out that morning
  • Watch the inauguration – live or whatever
  • Watch the parade – live or whatever
  • Pass out from exhaustion!
  • Wednesday – who knows! Recover? Maybe back to DC to see a few sights since I’ve never been there…. Dunno
  • Thursday – back home to Crested Butte!

A fall back position in the Mall – they are supposed to have 20 Jumbotrons set up for overflow crowds. And the way I look at it, that’s where the majority of people will be and there will be a LOT of rejoicing there so it won’t be bad to be there, either! Like I mentioned, I’d love to get shots of Obama and Biden and all that, but truly… it’s all about the people going and THEIR reactions!


I get chills thinking about the emotions that day! It’s going to be amazing.

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