Camera bags

Thanks to my mother, I haven’t met a hobby I don’t like. I can’t do all of them well, but I can do them well enough.

Anyway, I found out that the largest bags you can take into the inauguration and the parade route are 4″x6″x8″ and I wanted to bring more than one lens with me… so I made these little bags! If for some reason they get ruined or whatever, no biggie. But I think they’ll be perfect to sling over my shoulders, hold the lenses I need and offer a little bit of protection.

Windstopper Fleece Lens Bags
Windstopper Fleece Lens Bags

2 thoughts on “Camera bags

  1. You made these yourself?!?! These are fabulous! Very very cool, Andi… if you could send directions to me on how to make them, I would be forever grateful… as if I’m not already in debt to you. 😉

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