Fall Family Photos

We try to do family photos in the fall leaves every year – although we aren’t always successful. This year, all the family photos of all of us were either blurry or just not what I was looking for. Maybe I’ll get someone else to do it next year! LOL!

But the girls were hilarious. I gave Ellie and Sammie some cute little skirts I got in Gunnison on sale and they LOVED them! I let them wear anything they wanted and just shot photos… Here are a few of them.

And, of course, the blurry family photos. Bummer!

And just in case you haven’t had enough of the Tippie girls….http://www.smugmug.com/ria/ShizamSlides-2007090601.swf?AlbumID=6099955&transparent=true&crossFadeSpeed=500&clickUrl=http://www#46;tippiepics#46;com

2 thoughts on “Fall Family Photos

  1. beautiful work as always andi. i particularly loved the wide angle shot of the trees with some tippies in the distance(and i think you added a texture).very cool stuff!mb

  2. I absolutely LOVE the one of the girls hugging and Chris inthe background. WOWSERS! All beautiful! And I love the family pictures above as well… gorgeous work!

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