The Michaud Family

With things so busy for me lately, I almost missed out on this shoot. I had a last minute cancellation and was able to work the Michaud family into my schedule – and I’m so thrilled that it happened! They were so much fun and the setting was just gorgeous. I got to just take photos of the children doing the things children do – my absolute favorite was to photograph! They made it so easy to have such a wide variety of photos… and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

Without any further ado, here are a few of my favorites…

And because I just had so many favorites, here is a small slideshow!;tippiepics#46;com

Oh! And your Fallöbst wine you gave me was amazing!!! Thanks so much.

3 thoughts on “The Michaud Family

  1. What a gorgeous set. It looks like you caught some very natural, authentic and beautiful moments. A great example of what you do best. I’m sure the Michaud’s will be thrilled!

  2. What a suprise; you captured the smiles of my banshees on a wet afternoon! Being there that afternoon I now know you have magic with your camera

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