Piper (6 months), Hillary and Ruben

Last summer, my sister-in-law, KT, got married to Eric and we had the reception at our house! (It was a BLAST!) Ruben (Eric’s best man and best friend) made an amazing fire pit for the wedding that they decided to leave with us as a thank you for having the reception here. And while that was a wonderful gesture, we felt like Ruben and Hillary got the short end of that stick! (It is a hand made steel firepit that too many, many hours to make.)

In exchange, I offered to do some photos for them. I’ve done some of the firepit (although I admit I still haven’t gotten the shot I wanted) and just finished a shoot with Ruben, his wife Hillary and their adorable little girl, Piper. These are a few of the photos from that shoot.

Piper was such a cutie! Her chubby little cheeks, wonderful almost brown eyes and her little smiles and chatter almost made me want another baby! Almost…

I hope you enjoy!


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