Gil, Cooper and Henry

Some of you may remember my photos of Henry in the woods a few months ago…. I was excited to have Lauren, his mom, ask me to shoot some more photos of his older brothers Gil and Cooper. It was quite a different shoot, but relaxed and fun just the same! I enjoyed myself very much meeting her older sons as well as her husband, Brad.

I do have to say, though, that it was really hard choosing photos for my blog! I had many, many others I wanted to include, but didn’t want to overwhelm everyone! LOL!

The main goal of the shoot was to get some good shots of Gil, who is going to high school in Santa Fe, NM. (They recently moved from there and he wanted to finish school with his friends.) He was so easy to chat with, smart and a lot of fun. Because of his interest in acting and other arts, I thought I’d play around a bit more with the photos of him.

Cooper, who is 16, is autistic and was interesting to shoot. At first, he wasn’t too happy with my pointing the camera at him and many of his expressions were too forced. But once I was able to engage him and get him interested in what I was doing, he really opened up and I had a great time photographing him! I love how he expresses himself with his face as well as his hands and actions.

Henry is a card! When we were in the woods, he was a bit quieter – as well as a few months younger. He’s changed a lot in such a short time… In his own environment, he’s so funny! He’s lively, intent and very easy going.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to take photos of your wonderful boys, Lauren and Brad!

One thought on “Gil, Cooper and Henry

  1. The thing I admire most about you is suprisingly not talent for photography, which is incredible but your amazing personality which puts even the most challenging subjects at ease. Your down-to-earth nature is so crucial in getting people to open themselves to you…and your lens. Kudos to you for a fantastic set full of life!

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