Hayden, Trip and Michelle – second shoot!

This was my second photoshoot with little Hayden and he was just as adorable as I remembered! Although he got up really early and lost interest in the shoot quickly, I was still able to capture some cute photos of him and some nice shots of the family!

We met at the base of Mt Crested Butte about an hour before the first lift opened for the season. This year, the snow is so late that this was the only place we could find with reasonable snow – and it was ONLY at the bottom of the Red Lady Lift. We found a few spots around the lift – and then wandered over to the Silver Queen Lift and, as you can see, there was literally no snow under it. But it still made a nice place for a family photo!

Trip and Michelle, I hope you enjoy your photos and that we got the family photo you wanted for your Christmas cards!

One thought on “Hayden, Trip and Michelle – second shoot!

  1. Wow! I LOVE what you did with this shoot, one of the best!!! Hard to pick a “best” though since I know you put your best into ALL of the photoshoots….

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